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Hi, and thanks for visiting!

This community is all about the world around us, and finding beauty in everyday things and ordinary places. There is a whole new world to discover right underneath our fingertips, feet, and camera lenses! Everyone's welcome to come on and show us what they've zoomed in on.

Enjoy your stay, and thanks again for visiting! (Please read the rules below before posting.)

1.0) Please limit 1 photo per entry. If you want to post more, please put them behind a cut.
1.1) Don't make your photo stretch the screen. Please keep the size lower than 1024 width.
1.2) All photos posted MUST be macro/closeups. They can be of whatever you want, sans inappropriate body parts and things of the like...
1.3) After the photo, please make a quick note of what we are looking at, what camera you used, and where the photo was taken.
3.0) Please do not post adult content.
4.0) Be courteous and respectful of others and their work.
4.1) Rude entries will be deleted and users will be removed.
4.2) Flamers will be banned.
5) Please have fun! Remember, your photos don't have to be works of art. Post what you can, we want to see all your macros! We wont judge you!! :)